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Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010


- History of IAAS Local Committee Diponegoro University
IAAS Local Committee Diponegoro University (LC-Undip) was accepted as candidate member IAAS Indonesia in 2006. The people who propose founding IAAS LC-Undip, Arlies Meta Nugraha and he was presented about LC Undip by email and cyber meeting. In 2007 this status changed into full-member. After those the delegation return from Bogor, Undip did a simple regeneration when Hadha Senoutomo had been elected to be the first LCD IAAS LC-Undip. Then IAAS LC-Undip held Pra IOP I and IOP I to attract new candidate member of IAAS LC - Undip.

Department in IAAS LC-Undip
Executive Committee (EC) are the main element in IAAS Local committee, it consist of three students who has been elected and appointed by the Local Committee Conference (LCC) as the
1. Local committee Director (LCD),
2. Deputy Local Director (DLD), and
3. Executive Secretary (ES).
Under Executive Committee there are three departments;
1. Exchange Program Department (Expro),
2. Human and Resources Department (HRD), and
3. Project Department (Project).
In doing their program Local Committee will be controlled by Control Committee of Local Committee (CCLC).

- Working Programs of IAAS Local Committee Diponegoro University

Working Programs of IAAS LC-Undip in 2009 – 2010 are:
1. Outbound will happen on July 2009.
2. IAAS Orientation Program (IOP) III will be happen on September 2009.
3. Building On Success I (BOS) will be happen on October 2009.
4. IAAS Goes to Faculty
5. English Speech Contest will be happen on December 2009.
6. TOEFL Test and preparation
7. Sending delegation for IAAS World Congress, Exchange program
8. Sending delegation for IAAS National Congress

Programs has been happened in IAAS LC – Undip for two years are:
1. IAAS LC-Undip has two hosting place in Semarang. There are BIB (Balai Inseminasi Buatan) Ungaran and PBIAT (Pembenihan dan Budidaya Ikan Air Tawar) Ambarawa. These place could be used to Research and study work.
2. IAAS LC-Undip have sent delegation to National Congress XII, XIII, XIV and XV in Bogor, Kendari, Semarang and Malang.
3. IAAS LC-Undip have performed IOP (IAAS Orientation Program) and BOS (Building On Success) I for two years.
4. IAAS LC-Undip be host of National Congress XIV 2009.
5. IAAS LC-Undip have conducted thrice LCC.

The next generation residing in hand all of you. So, let’s join in

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